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My most important Fedora blog post ever. - Jef"I am the pusher robot"Spaleta
ramblings of the self-elected Fedora party whip
My most important Fedora blog post ever.
I'm not exaggerating with that title.

Next week I am attending an NSF sponsored workshop on Sustainable Cyberinfrastructure:

There are a number of position papers you can read as well:

I think this is a pretty big deal and I think everyone should think its a big deal.... especially for people who believe in either the function of basic science research as a catalyst for technical and social progress or people who believe strongly in open development methodologies as a catalyst for deeper and more impactful collaborations.  Even more so if you happen to be in the union of those groups and a US citizen and care about how the NSF as a Federal agency goes about funding research and education.

The workshop agenda is packed with some very interesting questions about how to how to build and manage a sustainable ecosystem of software resources for science research.   Code reuse, long term maintenance, development funding, educational outreach...all the hard questions are on the table.

And thanks to the graces of the Fedora Board and Red Hat I'm going to be there making the case for an open development model patterned on my personal experience with the Fedora Project.

For those who really don't know me.  I am a research scientist. I take data, I analyze data, ultimately I produce capital S science as a product. All along the way in that process I rely heavily computer hardware and software as tools. Gone are the days when we scientists are reading analog gauges and taking Polaroids of oscilloscope  traces. Well at least for some of us those days are gone.  For those of us who work with digital telemetry of both laboratory and real world phenomena, computer software is are essential tool that often times we have to build ourselves to meet are own particular needs. 

Yep, we write a lot of code, even though we are not primarily trained as computer scientists.  And we don't necessarily do the best job of it either, especially in terms of long term  maintenance and code re-usability.  And even those we build some of those tools, they aren't necessarily open. Science codebases are riddled with legacy licensing or proprietary  dependencies which can hurt the ability to effectively collaborate. Especially when that collaboration needs to bridge across the  academic and private sector because of the difference in pricing of some of the software tools for academic versus private users.  A sustainable science platform which stresses openness could knock some of those barriers down.

Having the NSF champion and organize an open development ecosystem for science related software could help address a number of issues.  I think its the sort of possibility worth exploring something the larger open source ecosystem that is already out there might want to actively support by helping out where they can.  Stay tuned.

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From: ext_84856 Date: March 19th, 2009 12:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

CI solicitations

From what I've seen of their selection of solicitations, the CI program in NSF is pretty open source-friendly -- even a little vehement about it. Open source is the only logical solution for publicly funded projects where data or other work products are going to be consumed by an as yet unknown audience. Glad to see that you're excited by attending and I look forward to seeing your reports from the event.
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