Jef Spaleta (jspaleta) wrote,
Jef Spaleta

Does the FSF know about Fedorahosted?

This is a good read:

I might ping them and see if they are willing to add a section about fedorahosted.  I'm not taking anything away from savannah as an option, but I think its important to balance out the page with some other instances of open dwevelopment services to show that the savannah service isn't alone in that fight. Other people do get it. Fedora gets it.

The article at the end of that page is worth a good read concerning the now somewhat ancient history of the SF transition from an open project to a closed one.

Hopefully Canonical can avoid some of the pitfalls described there in trying open up only portions of the Launchpad service while keeping others closed.  We'll all need to read over the Contributor License Agreement that Canonical releases in March to make sure its copyright assignment clauses don't run into the problems expressed in that article.   The mixing of closed and open components into the same service offering is going to make copyright assignment a thornier issue for sure.


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