Jef Spaleta (jspaleta) wrote,
Jef Spaleta

The Un-Open Sourcing of Launchpad

Well Mark,

As far as Soyuz goes, are you going to still require your non-Canonical employed community of Ubuntu contributors to use it, without empowering them to contribute to its day-to-day functionality of the tool to do their work? The fundamental benefit/power of open source is grounded in the fact that users of the software are empowered to be able to help fix and adapt the software. But of course you know that already Mark. You are the smartest man in open source after all.

Don’t non-Canonical employed Ubuntu contributors make use of Soyuz on a day to day basis? They sort of have to right its "integrates everything else to produce a distribution." Aren’t there bugs that are frustrating some of those non-Canonical employed Ubuntu contributors? Don’t those non-Canonical employed Ubuntu community members deserve fair an equitable access to that tool’s codebase because its a tool they are using to help you build Ubuntu? Of course they do, that’s how you build a community distribution. You empower your community by giving them access to improve their workflow by improving the tools to do the work they are doing. What’s weird is that you don’t see that as important for your community of contributors.

There are a number of bugs filed against Soyuz in Launchpad

Is Canonical committed to providing all the manpower for fixing all those bugs in a timely manner? Not likely considering that a bug from 2006, which is affecting Canonical’s OEM efforts in 2008: oops.

Is Canonical stating for the record that the the workflow of the Ubuntu community of contributors would not materially benefit by being able to having the non-Canonical employed Ubuntu contributing community contribute to the development effort of Soyuz itself? There are a lot of confirmed and bugs of high importance in that Soyuz bug list. Are you sure Canonical couldn’t make use of some help from the community in developing Soyuz for mutual benefit? I’m pretty sure it would be mutually beneficial, and I’m going to continue to point that out..every single time I see any announcement anywhere about Launchpad being opened. I really hope your arguments for keeping Soyuz closed get better or this just won’t be any fun at all for me.

-jef"wonders why a version of this response to Mark was trapped in the moderation que in the launchpad blog, but a later comment went through just fine. Maybe it was the inline url links that flagged it for moderation."spaleta

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