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I like my videos...shaken..not stirred. - Jef"I am the pusher robot"Spaleta
ramblings of the self-elected Fedora party whip
I like my videos...shaken..not stirred.
But what I really want is a video that has been..blended.

Okay so Fedora TV is up and running a work flow. We have a submission que. We have a delivery channel. So now we need is to start looking at what sort of things make sense as content. We have people looking at doing screencasts, and doing interviews... content of an educational or newsworthy nature. But what we don't have to round out our experimental programming is someone looking into generating artistic or entertainment content.

Who out there in Fedora Project land has some experience using blender as shipped in Fedora? Can any of you step up and render a short animation built in blender to be submitted to the Fedora TV feed. Extra points if you make the blender project data available so other people can take the initial video and expand on it via a community collaboration.

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nicubunulj From: nicubunulj Date: July 14th, 2008 06:32 am (UTC) (Link)
You can talk with Mola (http://molaora.com/index.php/blog/category/2.html) about that, but he is quite hard to find (he may be fount sometime on IRC) - if you remember, Mola created the DNA theme in FC6
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