Jef Spaleta (jspaleta) wrote,
Jef Spaleta

I like webcomics....i like Fedora.....

So here's a question....
Is there space under the Fedora project to introduce consumable content for Fedora users... made by Fedora users... using Fedora tools?

Off the top of my head here are a couple of things I'd like to see created for consumption for the Fedora user community, by the Fedora user community, using only the tools being put together by the Fedora development community:

A webcomic. It doesn't even have to be funny or even reasonably good. But I'd love to see a Fedora branded webcomic illustrated using only tools in the Fedora distribution (inkscape and gimp come to mind), with screencasts of the illustration process on occasion. As a Board member, I'd like to be able to tap an artist/group with a specific vision to produce a series of webcomics for a set period of time, and then at the end of that period, select a different proposal and do it again. Is anyone other their interested in being the official cartoonist of the Fedora community for a release?

A Fedora songfight. We have enough tools inside the distro right now to do a range of music production and spit out flac and vorbis files. Can we make a recurring Fedora songfight happen? And build a feed of the results that our client music applications can consume? We can't really police that all submissions are made using just Fedora tools, but we could probably find a way to seed the submission pool with individuals who make a firm commitment to dogfood Fedora distributed tools. Anyone out there dabble with music production and is up to the challenge of dogfooding Fedora?

I think both of these are great way to dogfood our own creative tools, and generate some dynamic content for our userbase to enjoy.

But as a project are we ready to try to put this together? Can we make F10 or even F11 the "open media" release and have vetted content channels in place that inspires people to create their own open media which they can submit for inclusion into the content channel, so on and so on? Obviously something like a Fedora songfight would require a web presence and hosting space and some organization. Do we have the resources and the manpower to attempt it inside the project umbrella?


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