December 16th, 2009

Fun facts..... about copyrights.

If you decide to put a cover band together and have a little jam session at a computer software conference or a frat party in Dallas, Texas and perform a Willie Nelson song such as "On the Road Again" for a group of conference attendees... that is a public performance and is you should be paying royalties. If you also decide to record that performance and make it available as a digital download from your employer's corporate servers... you should be paying another set of royalties per digital download.

If you are an employee of a software company that plans to open up its own music store in the near future, and have done all this without getting the permission of the copyright holder nor have paid the statutory royalty amounts for neither public performance nor digital distribution... that's just tragically ironic. If those digital files are hosted on corporate servers... that's doubly ironic and opens up the employer to potential copyright infringement liability.