October 13th, 2009

Dell ships another linux desktop...on an ARM chip.

Dell's calling it "Latitude On"... and its based on SLED.  Dell's really mixing it up when it comes to corporate linux partners.   I



"Latitude On" has been an option for a while now for some latitude laptop models.. but it a default option on the new highend Latitude Z.   Anyone looking to get a Z?

Man I wish Dell released granular units sales data.  I would absolutely love to see how well the "Latitude On" has been selling an an optional addon to the Latitude E4200 and E4300  compared to netbooks over the past 6 months.    Even if Dell ends up selling gobs more netbooks, the "Latitude On" sales may actually be a better  bottomline revenue stream for Dell with a higher price point and better per unit profit margin then the bargain priced netbooks.