October 1st, 2009

Android and MIPS sitting in a tree....

Well, maybe not a tree... but sitting in your settop cable box or integrated into your HD TV or bluray player...maybe.

ARM/Android gets a lot of attention from the laypress right now, but we don't hear a lot about MIPS. But if you take a real close look it seems there's a very coherent strategy in place to position Android as an ubiquitious device OS for MIPS based devices   Once you add MIPS into the picture, it sort of makes sense how Google can want to spin up  both ChromeOS and Android as operating systems without stepping all over each others toes. 

Whats fascinating about MIPS is how absolutely under the radar it is as a technology..even more so than ARM.  Do you know how many pieces of electronics you own that has a MIPS chip buried in it?  Android is going to "win" the post-desktop device landscape and noone is really going to notice it happening, just like noone really notices how many "computers" they really interact on a dialy basis.  I'm pretty sure that when Google does finally unveil the Google neural implant ( will that make us all androids in a sense?) that there's a good chance a MIPS chip will be inside it.