September 21st, 2009

Nokia beats Intel and Google in global brand recognition

I find that very very interesting.  And its the highest rank non-US based brand, which is maybe why I was sort of surprised by the high ranking as I am American and thus uninterested in global happenings generally.


I like my Nokia N810s, even though they are sort of an odd-duck in terms of where they fit in the general consumer device market. ( And I know a thing or two about odd duck devices..I own a 3com Audrey). Though I wouldn't mind it one bit If a N900 magically showed up on my doorstep. I'd give it a nice home 

I also wouldn't mind it if Nokia talked up more about its own open source development strategy in the post TrollTech acquisition.  There's been a reasonable push recently to talk about Maemo in conjunction with the N900 but I'd like to see a roadmap beyond that.  Nokia seems to be running under the radar even though they are number 25 in the kernel contributor line up in this year's report. It'd be fun to see Nokia gather itself up and swing some of that global brand recognition around and position themselves an open source competitor in the same space as Android.