September 7th, 2009

MetaClouds are all the rage.

So we now have Delta Cloud  and the lidcloud projects out there trying to smooth over differences between cloud architectures.   It would be interesting to see how these two different efforts compare in terms of design.  It seems like this is a very difficult problem space. I think  the commetns by Thorsten von Eicken (of RightScale)  in response to a recent article about lidcloud goes to the heart of the matter:

"The problem is being able to construct multi-server architectures and deployments that can make use of Amazon's load balancing service, IP address allocation scheme, and block storage service, and that can then be moved to RackSpace, which uses quite different ways of accomplishing the same high level goals. These are differences in semantics of the resources being allocated and used in the cloud, not just in the syntax of the API calls. *That's* the fun part from our experience at RightScale."

I do however chuckle that Red Hat's effort is called Delta Cloud considering where Red Hat's CEO's employment history.