July 11th, 2009

One year later.....

Okay we all know about GKH's now infamous Google Tech Talk from June 2008:

While for me the best part of the talk is the discussion about testing and regression tracking (14:15 in the talk). That's just one sidebar discussion generated by an audience question...it wasn't the main thrust of the talk. The point was to poke Google in the eye about increasing Google's contribution to the kernel project.  I think a lot of people missed the point.  Did Google?

Okay so it's been a year, is Google now a better contributor?  It's been an interesting year with Android (30:00)...patches are flowing into staging from that effort. Outside of Android specific patches is Google doing better? More spelling fixes maybe (48:20)?  If GKH was giving a Google tech talk today, would the talk be materially different?  Is Google  in the top ten corporate contributors over the last year?