July 10th, 2009

Launchpad opening...delayed.


Now I can't fault the reasoning for the delay. They want to make use of the new bzr backend as it has significant speedups.  I certaintly can't say a speed up to bzr wouldn't be beneficial. If Canonical wants to say publicly that bzr isn't up to the task managing Launchpad releases..who am I to disagree with that assessment.

But I find it a bit ironic, that development in the underlying dvcs that Canonical is funding the development of is holding up the release of the code hosting web services codebase that Canonical is funding the development of.  Oh sweet irony.

Here's how I would have written the same message:

"I'm sorry, we'd love to release this code to you on the date we promised, but you see, we just aren't that thrilled with usability of the dvcs we've chosen to use internally and have been using internally for years and years now.  We took a show of hands and yep, we all pretty much agree that the implementation we've been using for years blows monkey chunks and we don't want to inflict that experience on any external contributors. We've only been using it because we are paid to use it..we've had no choice in the matter. To be honest with you, we aren't even sure why anyone who wasn't forced to use it  by their employer was using this implementation for any serious collaborative project. It's sooooo painful to use. 

So until the dvcs implementation gets better we're just not going to bother releasing the launchpad code. We think that this codebase is so very different compared to the thousands of other codebases already using the same dvcs that it just would not be worth trying.  We think that its size and complexity of the launchpad code far surpasses the capabilities of the current dvcs implementation.  Yes, the very same dvcs that we have repeatedly encouraged and forced thoursands of other codebases(like mysql and zope) to use to gain access the very same Launchpad infrastructure we are now withholding from the community.  Don't fret however, as we've been working on upgrading the capabilities of the dcvs since last November, and the new capabilities should be reliable enough for us to make use of 'real-soon-now'(tm)...hopefully.
Thank you,
  THE MANagement"