June 11th, 2009

Fedora Community: Was Mary Poppins an uncreditted development team member?

So I poked and pulled at the Fedora Community maintainer portal for just a few minutes and I could smell the kickass.

I actually caught myself giggling a little...and I had to chide myself sternly for having fun doing packaging chores..  Remember the scene in Mary Poppins where they needed to clean up the nursery? And somehow they turned the chore into an enjoyable game.. it sort of felt like that..more than I probably want to admit.  Fedora Community is very much a delicious spoonful of sugar.

It's already sort of making my head spin thinking about where this component portal view approach can go beyond packaging tasks.
What would a reshuffled portal interface look like that was streamlined for package submission and review?

I can't wait to see how people take this and create a testing oriented portal.. or a translations portal....or a spins portal.

Exploring the space of possible widget extensions is going to be fun.