June 1st, 2009

Bracing for impact

You know what's weird... May 2009 was a record setting month for unique IP traffic for fedoraproject.org

1,996,040, just edging out November 2008.... and we haven't actually done the release yet.  Did we drive that much traffic just from building pre-release interest in the F11's feature set?

I'm very curious as to what the peak will be for June will be with F11 releasing this month.


Computex: Do you pronounce it Andblin or Modroid?

So it seems like Computex is gearing up to be a cage match demo-off  between Moblin equiped Intel netbooks

and Android Equipped ARM netbooks.

Sort of makes sense why Canonical is scrambling to make an Android compatible kernel available. Seems the ARM OEMs have enmasse chosen to roll out Android as their netbook interface for their first round of product offerings into the netbooks space.  Computex will be the big unveiling event which starts the clock to market in a lot of ways.  If Canonical wants to catch that train they are going to have to run hard to get up to par on hardware compatibility.  It's so important in fact that Canonical is talking about maintaining two different kernel trees...the normal distribution one with the Canonical secret sauce.. and an Android enabled kernel with Google's secret sauce. That's a lot of secret sauce. I hope their kernel team doesn't drown in it.