May 29th, 2009

What Fedora means to me.

So we are coming up on a new release again and i find myself asking myself the same question I ask myself around every release...well maybe not every release, every Spring/Summer release.

Why do i spend any time whatsoever contributing (or pretending to contribute) to Fedora?  I could be out off-the-grid paddling in the river late at night right now. (Land of the midnight sun and all) instead of fielding bug reports for the few packages I maintain in Fedora.  Why do I do it?

Because it still feels like it matters. Even when the project hits a collective snag on policy issues and there's a dust up of what is the best direction to take, it still feels like it matters. I still feel like Fedora as a project is making an impact on pushing  the entire open ecosystem forward towards a better technology future for everybody. Or maybe Fedora is reaching into the future and dragging it back for everyone to use now. Anyways, it still feels to me like Fedora is playing an important  role that other projects are not.  My personal contributions to the effort maybe miniscule, but as long as they aren't counterproductive I get some personal satisification out of knowing I'm associated with the effort. More satisification that being out on the water with paddle in hand. Though I continue to find that sort of odd. I really like being out on the water. Maybe its more the fact that its marginally easier to work on Fedora while drinking, than it is to kayak while drinking. Maybe I just need to get a beer hat as standard kayak gear. Hmm. Yeah screw it, I'm getting a beer hat and going kayaking all summer.