May 4th, 2009

Let's back up..and try that again.

Backups.... specifically desktop backups... wtf are the plans on doing about them in terms of a default preferred mechanism for Gnome Desktop users?

David's post about the new libatasmart library hints that he and others are already thinking about how to integrate backup functionality into the core Gnome desktop..but its just a teaser comment in the middle of a lot of really good information about libatasmart.  Sometimes I wish I could get my hands on David's brain so I could poke around in it at leisure.  Sort of like a gooey crystal ball. Can you read brains like tea leaves to tell the future?  Though admittedly I don't think I could return it like I found it. Anytime I take something apart and back together there's always a few left over pieces. 

My point is...I'd really like to understand what the state-of-the-art thinking is in terms of backup and data migration in the Gnome roadmap...that doesn't involve reaching into the "cloud" for storage services.