April 30th, 2009

How serious is Android as a contender in netbook OS?

I find this article interesting:

"Linux vendors should focus on the netbook as an appliance and on specialised distributions, especially Android (which is currently focused on smartphones). These are more likely than generic distributions like Ubuntu to make it in the netbook appliance/MID space. Both Freescale Semiconductor and Asus unveiled Android netbook plans in February 2009, and more will follow."

I wish this free article had more analysis.. it seems like its a teaser for the "Netbooks: a Linux appliance opportunity" report OVUM has put out: https://www.mindbranch.com/Netbooks-Linux-appliance-R464-1146/

As fascinating as this topic is to me.. I'm not going to pay $980 to get my hands on the full report. But if a copy of this happened to show up in my inbox..I'd take the time to read it.

I wonder if Shuttleworth would let me borrow his copy.