March 16th, 2009

I owe some people some beer

The complete Fedora 11 Test Day Schedule looks absolutely fantastic!

I feel pretty bad that I have missed some of the ones that have already happened.  I'm kicking myself for not being able to jump in and help on the Intel KMS last week. My primary development laptop is running intel chipsets. I sort of feel like I've let people down and not helping out there when I could have.  If this town were a little bit bigger, I'd host a test day hacking event at the curling club and buy participants a round or two of beer from the bar to keep working while I was dragged away to help lose a curling match.

No more excuses, I'm going to make it a personal challenge to get involved with at least 2 remaining test days. The next four topics all look like something I should have a personal interest in (devicekit, xcfe, power management, Nouveau driver testing) ..if I can just fit them into my schedule...its a very tight month.  Looking further out, I'm not sure I work with LDAP enough to be useful during the SSSD test day... but certainly I can help during the yum presto test day.