March 10th, 2009

How do we want casual users to do a Fedora Desktop install?

Okay, so we need to decide how strongly we want to push the Fedora Desktop LiveCD as install media over the traditional DVD media.

Now my reading of the information at 
implies that we very much want the Desktop LiveCD to be a preferred install method for casual desktop user.

If that's true, how do we make it less likely for something like this to happen:

Do we as a project want casual desktop users to pickup the LiveCD and to use it as install media over the DVD method? Isn't the LiveCD installer method streamlined in comparison and thus less confusing to somone who doesn't know a lot about computers?  What do we need to write and where to we need to write it to make sure that casual users know that the LiveCD is the better media option for casual home user installations?

Desktop team,  any thoughts?