February 26th, 2009

Google...I want to believe.

It's really great to see Google talking about its motivations for creating the Chrome browser


I love this line: "Competition is great, especially if the way in which it is done is shared. In the end it benefits the users."

Google talks a good game when it comes to the browser and spurring widely adopted improvements in javascript performance across all browsers through the art of Co-opetition....but...how for does their belief in shared competition go?

Once the browser becomes the operating system and the user experience moves "out there" into to the cloud...is Google going to champion the idea of code sharing and co-opetition among web service providers in the same way its doing with client browser code competitors?

The benefits of open development are still going to apply...but its going to be much harder for open advocates to have a strong influence on the shape of that cloud based ecoysystem as it seems its become the next best hope for proprietary groupthink. It's almost like watching the whole playing field  start over again.  Open development has won the client side development paradigm war..but if all the really interesting applications except for the browser are no longer going to live on  the client...what does it really mean? 

The cloud business models are going to be a very significant challenge for open development advocates, especially if we can't get people like Google, who are out there communicating the open development ideals to take those ideals and apply them to their own services...to lead the way in creating the competitive and shared development ecoysystem for the cloud.