January 15th, 2009

I love Fedora's focus on the future.

I think the Featuring process that Fedora now is an incredibly good thing. Is it perfect? No, what process is? But I think it does an extremely good job of trying to capture the spirit of the technology advancement that really distinguishes Fedora.

And its not gone unnoticed outside of Fedora itself. Right now at this very moment, 2 out of the top 3 "ideas" on Ubuntu's brainstorm this week are requests to take features from the Fedora Feature process for Fedora 10 and port them to Ubuntu.


I think thats great. I think its great that the integration work that we do in Fedora, is desirable by users of other distributions. Since we do as much as possible in upstream project instead of patching new functionality into our packages it should be quite easy for other people to enjoy those features too. It's hard work, breaking trail, its nice to know that the work being done by Fedora contributors is widely appreciated.

But, popularity of an idea, doesn't make the idea happen. I think our featuring process does a good job of helping us focus on what is achievable in a way that a popularity metric simply can not do. We may still need to optimize how the featuring process works and the timescales involved in terms of milestones and review points, those are important process details. But I think the fundamental point of the feature process is dead on. It turns desire into a set of actions and step to achieve a goal for each release and it provides us a way to recognize that activity and the dedication to see an idea through.