January 4th, 2009

I have an idea!

I'm stilling thinking really really hard about how to do more focused new contributor recruitment and training in Fedora.

Anyone reading this and working on the mugshot service? Or if you happen to be sitting next to someone in your cubicle farm who is, throw something at them. I'm stilling waiting for a sanitized database dump to play for package pattern analysis like i've written about previously in my package tempest post. Can I find distinct clumps of users by looking at the package usage patterns in mugshot? If so can I link them up with an existing SIG or encourage them to form new SIGs for package sub-collections that most interest them as users and start contributing to the distribution release effort?

If we had a popcon implementation running for Fedora, that would be useful as a dataset to crunch, but it would be harder to complete the loop and do the targeted recruitment. Mugshot is interesting in that I can do the analysis anonymously, and then hand it back to the mugshot service in a way that invitations to mugshot users can be made without leaking any personal information to me or to anyone else. Its just another sort of notification service that mugshot pushes to service users.

I'm also stilling thinking very very hard about applying similarity analysis in an task tempest so we can build a dataset of tasks or dare I say, ideas, to datamine looking for good contributor recruitment opportunities and possibly some organized skill development to help people start hacking in areas that interest them. Problem is we don't have anything in terms of a dataset to crunch on in Fedora that I could use as a starting point...yet. But if the mugshot data analysis bares some contributor recruitment fruit, that should help get the ball rolling.