December 10th, 2008

My XO is running Fedora 10!

So I finally found the time to get Fedora installed on my XO. What was the first thing I did?
I adjusted the fonts down in size.

So now what? What am I going to do with this thing? What particularly interesting usage scenario does an XO running Fedora provide me specifically that makes a good fit for me? I don't know. I have other computers already. My dayjob takes somewhat significant cpu crunching.. math is like that. I doubt I'm going to be rendering matplotlib based data analysis plots on this baby.
I even have a nokia 810 available if I want to use it (which I don't). But I really want to make the xo relevant so I have a reason to carry it around and show it to people.

A dedicated teleconferencing aid? Possible? The video camera does work with with cheese. I could spend some time talking to myself from the n810 to the xo. I could put it on a shelf in a window and see if I can make it act as an auroral webcam and dump pictures onto a network share somewhere. Hell I could just use it as a tool to document all the food I eat into a flickr album.

A handy portable ebook pdf reader? Maybe. That's definitely more likely with the XO than with the n810. If I can get the display brightness stuff to work under Fedora so I can get access to the power saving black and white mode..and get the gamepad buttons to work for scrolling with the display configured in tablet mode.

I need to see if I can use it as a DAAP or UPnP device and stream music to it from elsewhere in my office or at home.