October 1st, 2008


So during the next round of Fedora project elections it appears we are going to be holding multiple elections at the same time:
Fedora Board
FAmSCo (Ambassadors)
FESCo (Engineering)
FLSCo (Translation)

and of course the Fedora 11 Release Name "election"

This will be happening in either in December or January.

My fellow Fedorans...I have one simple question to ask... Are you going to vote this time?

And of course, that one simple question gives me a platform by which to ask several less simple, drawn out questions.

If you did vote previously, what sort of pre-election information would have helped you make a more informed decision?
If you didn't vote in previous elections for this group, but were eligible what sort of things would encourage you to vote?

There are some among us who want to make an effort to provide better pre-election information, but resources are finite so it would be a very good idea to know what sort of things the voting community is interested in seeing so efforts can be focused on providing the information that voters want in the pre-election timeframe. Specific feedback from voters would help. I'm not talking about comments like "I was confused last time." I'm talking about actionable things like "I want each candidate to write a limerick explaining what they will accomplish." I want to know what you want to know as voters, not the fact that you didn't know what you need to know.

If you were given the opportunity and encouraged to submit questions for candidates in the upcoming Fedora election cycle would you take advantage of it? Would such an opportunity help you decide how to vote?

If each group had a moderated IRC townhall styled debate (similar in fashion to our current public Board meetings), would you participate in it? Would such an endeavor help you decide how to vote?

What sort of information do you want all the candidates to provide for a given election to provide to help you decide who to vote for?