August 12th, 2008

Fedora Nation

I wonder... can someone adopt the concept of 'active citizenship' as it applies to the fostering of democratic political process... and create an equivalent argument for active participation in the meritocracy structure for Fedora? Can we articulate a compelling story which casts our 'users' as citizens..with both rights and responsibilities?

I mean we already have why not citizens? Would a set of responsibilities to show to users look like if we had one?
And if we had one.. would we feel comfortable putting that list in front of our users and challenging our users to accept them?

If I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and a group of willing minions to actually do the work, I'd have them stick a list of responsibilities where the EULA page in the installer use to be. Users would either choose to agree to those responsibilities..and then be given a chance to sign up for a FAS account...or they don't agree and don't get offered a chance to sign up. But obviously...that's a little heavy I'm not even going to suggest that..even to be funny. So I'll just leave the last question hanging...would we be comfortable challenging our userbase to accept a set of participatory responsibilities?