May 13th, 2008

Mapmaker Mapmaker make me a map.....

Man I really wish someone would have told me Fedora 9 was coming out today.....

Because I'm an idiot the maps for the bittorrent activity didn't go online until after the release was out. So no movie of the release lighting up the torrent server this time around. But maps are up now!

You might be most interested in watching the bittorrent seeder activity here
and the mirrorlist activity here

Considering the effort made this time around to produce the multi-cdrom sets, I really hope people are making an effort to download and use them. And I really really hope that such an effort is not represented in the meager torrent seeder numbers currently displayed in the maps.

We need to find a way to get metrics from our mirrors and jidgo setup so we can get a comprehensive view of the relative view of how popular the different images are so we can make appropriate infrastructure allocations.