February 24th, 2008

I'm cashing in all my street creds....for curling shoes

If you are reading this, and you think that you owe me a favor... here's your chance to cash it in.

The TV show "Rockstar Curling" looks like its actually going to be happening. It looks like they are actually going to be holding
tryouts for the show. http://www.rockstarcurling.com

I'm asking everyone reading this to do me a huge favor and make an effort to lobby the show's producers to hold a tryout up here at the curling club that I am a member. You don't have to be a US citizen to help me out, a global campaign would suit me just fine.

I've registered, and I'm encouraging all the members of up here to register for tryouts. Now of course, I'm not gonna make the cut. Getting me on the show isn't what I'm asking you to help me with. What I want, if I can get it, is to encourage...to persuade.... the show's producers to hold a tryout here in Alaska, and Fairbanks specifically.

Can you help me out? I'd love it if everyone reading this would find a way to tell the show's producers how much you'd really LOVE to see a tryout up here in Fairbanks. They have a blog, you can leave comments in it... polite comments. And please don't spam. I'd rather everyone who is gonna do me this favor, just leave one comment. They can be long, very passionate and well worded comments, but don't do multiple ones in a misdirected effort to help me.

And to all you Fedoran's out there reading this. If you do your part, and you can help make a tryout happen in Fairbanks. I will wear Fedora branded swag to the tryout (if I get a chance to tryout) and in the hopes of getting the Fedora name and logo on TV..even if in the "worst curlers ever" episode during sweeps.