January 14th, 2008

ream them unis!!!!!!!

You know what, I liked fudcon. I really did. I personally learned a lot. But let's face it I'm not a particular useful person at hackfests right now. I'm not really in the bowels of any particular groups of hackers . I couldn't even find the time to do a merge review. It's not because I'm a board member, other board members were actually getting stuff done. I guess its just that I'm not ready to hold a robotic telescope hack session...yet.

So I was feeling a little guilty. Sure I didn't get a t-shirt this year so my normal motivation for being productive wasn't there. We all know its not about credit, or making an impact or crap like that. It's all about the t-shirts. If you disagree with me, you are simply wrong. But like I said I was still feeling a little guilty.

I don't feel so guilty today. I did something extremely cool today, and something I was probably nearly uniquely suited for. I actually connected current faculty, administrators and students at NCSSM with Fedora's mission. I took Greg and Seth for a 45 minute chat on campus and we ended up staying for like 4 hours and we only left because we had to go eat or we'd have collapsed, Greg and I sort of skipped lunch, man do I regret that now.

I won't get into specifics, I'm hoping Seth and Greg get a chance to chat about what they took away from the afternoon. Man I'm so very glad Seth decided to come. If it had just been Greg and myself, we'd have missed a very clear and present opportunity to help and connect with NCSSM. Thank you Seth, today you helped me realize something I've wanted to make happen for quite awhile. I owe you some sort of hippie vegetarian food item. I'd send you some moose jerky but I'm pretty sure that's not vegetarian enough for you.