November 9th, 2007

I am a broken record.

So anyone notice the network outage yesterday? Our infrastructure team was all over it minimizing the disruption.
Most people would consider the outage a big problem, but it sort of provided an interesting 'event' in the life of my f8 release animation. See while the outage was happening and the infrastructure team was shuffling around resources, so people didn't notice the disruption for too long, the logs I rely on to track f8 clients were seeing dead air. You can see exactly when the outage occurs in the theora video and exactly when the normal mirrorlist logging functionality is restored.

It's important to know that every blue/purple pixel represents at least one new ip address in that pixel area entering the f8 mirrorlist log during the hour represented by that video frame image. The outage shows up as a few frames which no blue pixels.
For a few frames after the outage is restored, nearly the entirety of Europe has gone blue! Think about that, nearly everywhere in Europe new fedora 8 client ip addresses were contacting the central mirrorlist for the first time in the same hour.

I suck, I don't know how to embed the ogg into the blog post, so follow THIS LINK to see the theora video

-jef"next week.. torrent activity animation"spaleta